We encourage all students to participate in extracurricular activities to achieve higher academic success as it supports student’s holistic development, providing opportunities for students to explore new interests and develop talents.
These activities not only give students a chance to relieve some stress, but also encourage them to make new friends, build their self-esteem, lead a healthier lifestyle, and keep students away from undesirable behavior.
Extra-curricular activities include both individual pursuits and team building activities for students for all grades. Students may choose from a wide variety of activities that can include:
1. English/ Poetry Club
2. Spelling Bee Club
3. Story telling Club:
Non- Academic:
1. Art & Craft Club
2. Drama Club
3. Cooking Club
4. Sports Club: football – Volleyball- Basketball-
5. School Chorus/ Choir
6. Gymnastics
7. Chess Club

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