Admission Process:
● Parents who are interested in enrolling their children to DIS are encouraged to book an appointment to visit the school campus for a guided school tour (during the school tours designated times). During the school tour, parents can meet our admission officer and Stages Heads for more details regarding our academic and activities program.
● Prospective students are required to sit for an admission test in English and Math, an IQ test and a behavioral/psychological Assessment. For students applying to Kindergarten; Kindergarten Readiness & Developmental Checklist and an IQ test are also used to determine any speech or developmental delays. Test scores are determined and discussed with the parents on the same day.
● Following the admission tests, parents should have a personal interview with the school heads.

Admission Criteria:
● Accepted students should score at least 70% in English and Math tests to ensure that our academic program matches the students level.
● Students who are already accepted will have to sit for a placement test in the second language (French or German) to determine whether or not their level matches the school program and provide support during summer if needed.

Admission Q&A

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