For the past six years, DIS has established an excellent reputation for an educational institution of an academic rigor, broad and balanced curriculum, student-centered approach, and innovative teaching strategies.


At DIS, we aim to spark intellectual curiosity and love of learning in a family orientated environment and through a personalized learning approach where students feel secure by being treated as unique individuals with different and unique potentials, needs and challenges.

At all stages of the educational journey, students learn from both their teachers and their peers.  We strive to create a talented, yet diverse students’ community where children thrive in each other’s company and appreciate different perspectives.

Our school is a forward-thinking community, continually evolving to meet the needs of the modern world. Over the past years we have conducted a comprehensive process of curriculum review to make it more aligned with students’ needs and the international standards. Curriculum programs, courses and activities have become highly balanced and broad, promoting challenge, gratification, and innovation. Students are actively engaged in project work and research and are always encouraged to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Our continuous improvement plans encompass all aspects of school operational systems as well as academics. A new appraisal system is in place to ensure that our criteria is compliant with the latest research methodology, best practices, inclusive learning, and interdisciplinary connections in an atmosphere conducive to equitable challenges for all students.

Our Committed and dedicated teaching staff is an essential ingredient in our school.  We invest in the development of our staff and set high professional expectations. The school recruitment policies and procedures are revised and formalized in committees to secure qualified teachers in place besides the re-assignments of senior positions and staffing at a larger scale for new posts the school needs to sustain better performance.


At DIS we strive towards continuous improvement; this is being augmented by a very supportive Chairman and school board. An integral component of such an improvement course of action is the strategy and plan to professionally develop school staff. This plan, which is data-driven, has been developed and enhanced over the past four years and is highly systematic with very clear milestones and objectives mainly aspiring at elevating the level of staff performance and optimizing students’ learning and growth.

We believe in a strong partnership between students, parents and staff and we invest time and effort to make sure communication is constructive and conducive to the progress of our children.  Effective collaboration with our parents’ community helps in providing students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and experiences that encourage the development of well-rounded and socially aware students who can be active participants in their societies.

I look forward to consolidating our parent- school partnership throughout this school year and the years to come.

Ms.Dina Mamdouh

School Director

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