We appreciate your interest in working at DIS. At DIS we believe that our strongest assets are our teachers. We aim to hire teachers who have the highest academic qualifications. We also believe that some people are natural teachers and have an innate sense of how to deal with children.
Our students spend more time with us at school than they do at home. Therefore, we are responsible for these children academic, social, and psychological wellbeing.
Basic requirements for all DIS teachers:
▪ University Certificate related to the field taught.
▪ English teachers should be either native speakers of English or speak English as a second language with excellent fluency and accuracy.
▪ Should have 3 – 5years experience depending on the subject taught and the job vacancy requirement.
▪ Teaching Certification or Masters in Education is an added benefit.

Job Opening

    Due to expansion, qualified staff are needed in all core subjects for the next academic year.

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    OUR VAlues


    Our school community adopts a set of values that deeply enforces and embraces perseverance, and resilience in the face of obstacles and uncertainty; the ability to learn independently; curiosity, inventiveness, and creativity.
    We encourage our students to become productive citizens within and beyond the school, by nurturing their positive mindsets about self and school, along with social awareness and responsibility

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