As a High School Principal, my vision is a comprehensive one. It works on three levels: instructional, ethical and emotive.
-Instruction: We strive to provide our students with all knowledge and skills necessary to make them well-equipped for their future.
-Ethics: In a constantly changing world, we should provide students with ethics based on our culture, traditions, beliefs and principles.
-Emotion: Students should feel that they are loyal to their school and that their school is loyal to them. Mutual love, care and respect are the keys to create an enjoyable, caring and warm environment

Our curriculum encourages High school students to continue their studies in all of the major academic disciplines, giving them the opportunity to join the most prestigious universities. In addition to the core subjects and SAT preparation courses, we provide a wide selection of Advanced Placement courses, ACT preparation courses, academic and career counseling.

Graduation Requirements
The courses listed below are required for a High School Diploma:

No. Subject Credits
1 English (Language Arts, Literature) 4 credits
2 Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Advanced Math, Calculus) 4 credits
3 Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 3 credits
4 Social Studies (World History, Psychology, Business) 3 credits
5 Second Language (French or German) 2 credits
6 Electives (Advanced Biology, Economics) 2 credits
7 Physical Education 2 credits
8 Arts (Visual or Performing) 2 credits
9 Computer Science 3 credits
  total credits 26 credits

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