Welcome to DIS Kindergarten. At DIS Kindergarten we believe that teaching young learners is a lifelong calling. Children learn best when they are loved. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating a safe, friendly, and loving environment, where children feel confident and safe to express themselves freely through art, literature, and sports. My team and I have adapted a social and emotional development program through which we teach students to understand their feelings better, help them to express how they feel with words, ask for help when needed and learn to show empathy and offer help to others.
Our Program is centered on our students and their developmental needs. Students at the kindergarten level are eager to explore the world that surrounds them. Through an active and innovative form of learning, and hands-on experiences, our students develop a variety of age-appropriate skills. These skills encompass intellect, physicality, societal awareness, emotional intelligence, cognition, and semantics.
I strongly believe that if we want a chance for a better tomorrow, we need to educate the children of today; not just academics but how to be better participants in the community.

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